Apr 27, 2006

Neighbors Are Annoying.

Well... ours are anyway. During our backyard landscaping yesterday, the head landscaper Bart called over to our neighbors Shelly & Darren in their back yard and asked if he could cut a few branches off their trees near the trunk (cause that would be best for the tree.) Now please understand Shelly’s & Darren’s tree branches reach about 10 feet into our yard and over our property line. So, legally, we can cut the branches off at our property line without any regard for the health of their trees. Bart, the landscaper’s, attempt to seek their approval was quite kind and his concern for their trees was above and beyond the call of duty. Our neighbor Shelly told him rudely that he was not allowed to touch the trees and she would call the sheriff. To which Bart replied “Bring it on. Legally we could cut all the tree branches off at the property line to the very top.” Needless to say Shelly had a hissy fit and continued to threaten him. I am not sure how this meeting ended but Shelly & Darren spent the rest of the night calling the owner of the landscaping company (5 times!). He had to spend many hours on the phone with them and later they came out of their house to talk to my husband too. They made a lot of claims all of which sounded shady, unlikely and did not match up with the other parts of their “story”.

Our Landscapers are very sweet. They knew we had no intention of taking the trees down or harming them that a couple really low branches were simply going to be removed. They were real sweethearts and now we feel horrible because they had to deal with a couple of real nut jobs umm ... I mean overly concerned neighbors (even more about them and their homemade “two story building” that took a year to even progress past the frame and shortly thereafter had it’s whole second story blown off after a strong wind, which thankfully landed on their own property and did not hurt anyone even though it could have easily landed in any of their neighbors yards including ours since that was ALSO near the property line. Oh and the disaster has not moved an inch since the collapse months ago. I guess really that is all I have to say about that).

Okay, I soooo apologize for the rant. It may not even be posted. If you see this apology but no rant then it wasn’t posted or maybe I deleted it. Nope, I just decided to post it anyway. It is quite simply annoying and I guess I felt the need to share. You lucky lucky thing you.

Anyhow, the garden is done for now and we are very very pleased! Still a lot of planting to be done and a small portion of fence (in between us and our annoying neighbors already existing delightful chain link fence with the ever stylish attached white plastic trellis) to be completed. We live in a new community backed on to existing homes that were built individually before all the growth. We really do love the trees they are really part of the reason we picked this space and besides that our lot size was much bigger than 99% of the others so it was worth the mix of property styles. We can’t even see their house through the trees. Shelly & Darren know that we love them and have known that for a long long time. They previously told us to cut any branches we wanted then handed us a saw and said “here cut that low one down right now.” It just doesn’t make any sense! Am I ranting again? Sorry!

On to other news, I am thinking that the Panty O’ Scopes might become a weekly occurrence, if anyone thinks they are worth keeping around (although I might continue even if you don’t *smile*). Tomorrow my goal is to try to address all of Mav’s recent posts about blogging and to catch up on my memes.

I think this is my longest post ever! Thanks for bearing with me. I really appreciate all of your kindness and support!

Update: As this post was being published Shelly came out onto her deck took one look at the trees and yelled (as loudly as possible so that we could hear) “Darren I guess we better call the sheriff!” Darren came out a minute or so later and inspected the trees obviously he could tell they were unharmed (in spite of his wife’s big mouth) since the sheriff did not arrive. We keep hoping that they will call the sheriff so that someone with authority will tell them that they belong in the looney bin.

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