Nov 29, 2006

My Grandmother.

Hello Lovely people! Have I mentioned how lovely and talented you all are lately? Very! Do you want to see someone close to my heart who would also fit into both of those categories perfectly?

This is my granmother, age five. Isn't she beautiful? She is a wonderful woman. She is a smart and talented artist and educator (among many other fabulous things).
Speaking of fabulous things, Hugs to you all! xox=vv.

Nov 28, 2006

Let It Snow.

Oooh hi there lovely and wonderful people! Did you know that we had six plus inches of snow this weekend and that it has stuck around for a few days now. We are expecting a bit more. It's crazy and early and delightful.

Of course, when you run out of milk before the snow comes, it is hard to wait for it to all melt before the siren song of Raisin Bran is to much to bear. So today, we finally left the house for milk and I took this polaroid to share with you. I hope you like it.

Also, "Shy Monsters Coloring Sets" are re-stocked at Mahar Drygoods just in time for Christmas! We also resolved our scanner issues and the paintings in the previous post are now up-to-date.

I am still working to catch up with you and I am thinking of you all! Hugs! xox=vv.

Nov 27, 2006

Getting Somewhere.

Hi Lovelies. How was your Thanksgiving? How are you all doing? Today I am looking forward to catching up with you all. I have finally had a chance to sit down at the computer and add these to the new Etsy. I am still working on a new banner and logo, so please excuse my dust.


My scanner has stopped working (one of those months I guess), so these are photos of my little paintings. The photos really do not do them any justice they are a bit more vivid than they look. The panels are a lovely white. Of course the bigger issue is if anyone will like them. I am not sure how they will do, so I am trying to be as brave as I can. xox=vv.
Update: The middle painting has sold to the lovely, talented and sweet Ashley & Drew! Thank you both a million times! I am so terribly pleased!

Nov 15, 2006

New Car Day.

Oooh lovelies, today spiraled out of control and ended with a new used car in our driveway. You can read about it here.

It is very well treated and looks brand new. It has a little bit of detailing that I am not fond of, but I am going to find a place to remove it. A Beetle was always going to be my first car and now I have to learn to drive! Hugs! xox=vv.

Update: Has any one tried replacing photos? I wanted to replace this original photo with a scan but I am having troubles. Until then this is a photo of the newest beetle from the vw site and not the actual photo of our silver 2000 glx turbo beetle. This photo may be replaced again in the future. Yes, I am going scanner crazy! Hugs!

Darn. Soon I Hope.

Hi Lovelies! This is a quick note to say that Etsy is still being perfected and I will wait until it is ready before showing you my few little goodies. In the meantime, I will have to do a little painting so that I have something to show you a little later (hopefully tonight). I am getting a new order ready for Mahar Drygoods and I am also working on several packages for lovely people who I desperately need to send things to!

Our car may not be repairable, so I am afraid you may hear a bit more about the outcome of that. I am feeling very disconnected, but still thinking of you all! Hugs! xox=vv.

Nov 13, 2006

Our Car Done Broke.

Oh hello Lovelies! Have I mentioned lately that you are ALL on my mind? Well, you are! It is nice to have you on my mind because otherwise I would have to think about our transmission pump problem that is affecting the carburetor, the rear bumper and umm ... the glove compartment!! (?) Those are all car words right? Yes, well I am sure that they are all some how affected by whatever done broke on our car! Now Charlie is constantly barking his big scary dog bark that gets on my nerves, because He is off getting a rental car and left the dogger at home with me! Fun!!

This absolutely beautiful card is from the beautiful Miss Dawbis. It arrived today and absolutely made my heart sing! Isn't it incredibly perfect in every way? I agree, it is!! Thank you miss. You made a downhill day pick up and fly off into the clouds, where I now sit upon #9. There is a small similarity to a card that I am working on for her which I will show you later, however this card is a million times better! A million times better!!

In other news Etsy is still down, so I will share a tiny amount of goodies with you tomorrow and put them up for sale. It has been a loooong time since I have had anything available at Etsy. Also, a few more Shy Monster Sets will be on their way to Mahar DryGoods very soon! Yay!

Did I mention that I am thinking of you? Oh I did? Good! Hugs! xox=vv.

Nov 12, 2006

New Phone Day.

Oh aren't you sweet to stop by! I am sorry that this post does not contain any juicy craft photos. Of course I am not really sure that I have any juicy craft photos. I think I will have to work on that! Note to self: Try to make craft photos not only well lit, but also juicy! There!

Yesterday was new phone day. We have to upgrade our cell phones once a year. Our phones do not ever make it through a whole year. This time my phone lasted oh .... four months. After that, it developed this delightful habit of shutting itself off whenever I answered a call. His Razr worked fine, mine was horrible. After a few unsuccesful encounters with Motorola, we decided to go a different route, Samsung. These may be returned within the week as we are not 100% sold on them. The salesman would NOT give us a minute to discuss our options by ourselves. He was nice, but constantly trying to close. Oh and the photos came from Letstalk.

On another note, Blogger has added a new feature called Labels. I may be doing a lot of reposting while I try to get things up-to-date. Please forgive this inconvenience Blogliners, I apologize. I believe that you can chose not to see updates if you look at the subscription options for my site. I would be very happy to help if you have any questions!

Etsy goes live again tomorrow and I am very excited! I love newness! You are pretty darn fabulous too! Hugs! xox=vv.

Nov 10, 2006


Oooh hello again lovelies!! Are you having a nice evening? I know that I posted mere moments ago, but then I switched over to the newer version of Blogger and I felt that I should test it out.

Etsy will also be upgrading this weekend and should have a new format on Monday. I think it will even address the issue of "combined shipping." Yay! I am hoping to have a few little goodies ready around the time of the new Etsy.

I am thinking of you all! Please keep your fingers crossed that all of these changes go smoothly! Thanks and Hugs! xox=vv.


Well lovelies, I tried! After Hubby picked up the new Holiday Martha for me this morning I thought that I would make him a very special treat. Meringues. Yes, this is a picture of those very meringues.

And yes, they do look like fried neon pick egg turds (please pardon my language). They did not come out like Martha's at all! I am not sure where I went wrong! I was going to wrap them up all pretty to show you their red holiday beauty, but when these came out I just said "screw it there is no way to make these look good."

Of course, He did not mind. They were gone before I could write this post. I had one and when I looked back he had eaten the remaining 35. They did not taste too bad but they certainly weren't hers.

Ah well, what can you do? More soon. Hugs in the meantime! xox=vv.

Update: I found a way to make these look good after all! I replaced my photo with the one from Martha's Holiday Guide! The photo of my meringues was really yucky!

Nov 5, 2006

Why? I Can Not Think Of A Logical Explanation.

Hello Lovelies! You know, I have actually been working on various projects over here. Why haven't you seen them? I have no good reason for that. I think that the idea of photographing them is very daunting. I guess I really need to work on it.

How do you do it? You all take fabulous photographs of your projects! Do you take pictures only if the day is beautifully bright? Do you work for hours to create the perfect lighting, setting, or mood? Did Martha teach you herself? Well, if you have any tips or hints I would love to hear them.

I know that I need to be better at sharing. Seriously, I am always doing something. Soon, I hope to catch up with all of your lovely blogs! Thanks to those of you who took a break this month *smile* The rest of you were awfully busy! Hugs! xox=vv.

Nov 4, 2006

October In Review.

Oh hello Lovelies! Oh I hope you are having a fabulous weekend! We are off to a good start here. Finally recuperating, we spent the day relaxing. Tomorrow, off to the city for a visit. I will have to take a bunch of pictures, but before I start thinking about that, here is my October in review. I hope you like it.

This month we only had a couple of events so photos are awfully mundane and involve a lot of local shops and restaurants. In one of our local "malls" these hanging baskets caught my eye.

Next to El Pollo Loco, my favorite fast food restaurant is Taco Del Mar. I only like one though, no other location makes food that is very good. For a few months I was absolutely addicted to their burritos. Mmm good! I took these pictures to document their yummi-ness. Next time I might actually take a picture of the food. That would make more sense wouldn't it.

These lovely plants are three of the seventy five that we planted a couple months ago. He wanted to document his favorites and took these pictures earlier this month.

This abandoned truck lives on the other side of the lake at the end of our street. It's door handle has a knitted cover. Yep, a knitted cover. I am sorry the pictures of it did not come out very well. I really wanted to share it with you.

Mmmm, Changs. As I mentioned earlier Mongolian food was the only thing that tasted any good to me while I was sick. Of course it is a million times better when you are well. I highly recommend Changs if you are ever in the area!

A little over a week ago we put our house on the market. A very nice family looked at it twice yesterday and Halloween proved to be a good time for flyers because we were cleaned out in a single night. We are keeping our fingers crossed. This little birdie was happily lounging in one of the three very large pines in our backyard.

Oooh, Last Thursday we saw Regina Spektor in concert and it was absolutely fabulous. I loved her opening act Only Son. His cd has been on repeat all week! Check out Museum if you can. We stopped by the lovely Schmancy which just happened to be next door. You can see a couple of pictures on Flickr.

Since this month was not terribly exciting, I thought I would share these pictures of our October 2003 trip to Florence, OR. We visited with the dearest of friends and went for a group dune buggy ride, which was one of the most fun things that I have ever done!

Halloween was quiet here this year.

Oh lastly here are a few pictures of Charlie. In the first one, I love that you can see his little foot in the background. In the second I love that he is sleeping with his tongue out and in the third it really looks like he is sticking his tongue out at us. He knows that he is not supposed to rip up his blanket and was giving us what-for.

Well, I am thinking of you all and missing you! I hope you are all doing very well! Talk to you very soon I hope! Hugs! xox=vv.