Nov 5, 2006

Why? I Can Not Think Of A Logical Explanation.

Hello Lovelies! You know, I have actually been working on various projects over here. Why haven't you seen them? I have no good reason for that. I think that the idea of photographing them is very daunting. I guess I really need to work on it.

How do you do it? You all take fabulous photographs of your projects! Do you take pictures only if the day is beautifully bright? Do you work for hours to create the perfect lighting, setting, or mood? Did Martha teach you herself? Well, if you have any tips or hints I would love to hear them.

I know that I need to be better at sharing. Seriously, I am always doing something. Soon, I hope to catch up with all of your lovely blogs! Thanks to those of you who took a break this month *smile* The rest of you were awfully busy! Hugs! xox=vv.


lisa s said...

you take just fine photos!

i always look for a sunny, but not too bright spot - or take things outside.... and then snap away. just try things out - esp. since you have a new camera. just take pictures to take pictures.

ruby-crowned kinglette said...

yep, i agree with lisa, and since you are working with digital, take a million shots, and fiddle with the settings, especially on a dreary day like today... is that a tooth in the middle of that puppy's forehead???

blair said...

I wish I knew the secret of good photos. Its all trial and error here. Thank goodness for digital photography and the ability to take thousands of photos to get just the right one. When its cloudy here, the camera comes out at noon and I hurry and snap! xo

Jenn said...

I can never take a good photo. I even got an arm-full of books from the library to help me but it didn't seem to help. your photos seem just fine! I would love to see what you are up to!

Erin Lang Norris said...

okay, well my photos are nothing to get toooo excited about, but i take them on sunny days. macro is my friend (or i think thats it! haha, so unphotographeristic of me!), i mess with the contrast and brightness levels a lot, i usually dont do too much the the brightness though, otherwise it looks washed out.

i try lots of different angles too.

its really trial and error, mostly error at first though.

OH make sure that if you are using a digi cam, you are taking advantage of the white balance feature if you have one! it eliminates blue hues.

hope thats what you were looking for! take care, i havent talked to you in so long- its been busy, you know how that goes!

Kuky said...

Yes I wonder how people take such nice pictures too. But you do have nice pictures!!

I think it is a matter of practice. Just take tons. That's what I do. You're bound to come up with something you like. And if not...take more!

mary said...

I can SO relate! I guess I just don't have the patience to get those truly excellent still life photos I so adore on other's sites. I wish I had some tips for you. Although, you seem to do a great job without any advice. I think your photos are lovely.

Frizz said...

The Small Object just linked this article about making a light box real cheap!! Looks like the way to go. The site is also full of camera tips...check it out!

tania said...

I love this photo and this crazy doggie!
I never get good shots but photoshop helps tpo lightne them thats for sure-