Mar 7, 2007


Oh lovelies, I just woke up from a nightmare about the condo. In no uncertain terms the seller's real estate agent told us that we were going to hate living on the first floor (the biggest of the very few compromises we had to make with this place). He said that even though it is technically on the second floor our upstairs neighbors would probably be so loud on a daily basis that we could only be miserable.

When I tried to visit the condo again and talk to him about the noise, I could not find the place. Suddenly it became a large complex of condo buildings and shops. There were escalators inside elevators and people behind desks who provided absolutely no help what-so-ever. When I finally found the building and the mean old agent, we had to compete with other people for his service. When I won the competition of helping him bake bread and then cleaning the whole office afterwords, he still helped other people first. When it was finally our turn he informed us that we could only view the condo through a special instrument that would correct the angles of the walls. Then I woke up.

I am still bleary eyed. My heart is still pounding. I came to tell you right away. I don't know why. I guess I wanted to talk about it. I could use a hug. xox=vv.


ruby-crowned kinglette said...

first, always remember there is no such instrument that can fix a crazy wall angle.... i am sure the dream was just a few anxieties about the big step you are taking... i am sure it will all be fine, but here is a hug anyhow.

Kuky said...

I hate having nightmares. Sometimes I have one and wake up and fall asleep again and it picks up right where I left off.

I'm sending you a big hug right now!

lisa s said...


i hope you had some warm milk and went back to bed

abby said...

oh man!
big, big hugs to you darling!!!
I get caught in nightmares, too-they just seem so real sometimes. I hope the day is going better for you. I used to have a little "dream translation" book that kind of gave meaning to your dreams. At the time, it helped me out-like if you dream your teeth are falling out (i used to a lot) it just means you are insecure about something. Knowing-or at least pretend to know helped me. Go watch a movie and relax-feel better soon!

Stephanie said...

sending you hugs!!!