Nov 29, 2006

My Grandmother.

Hello Lovely people! Have I mentioned how lovely and talented you all are lately? Very! Do you want to see someone close to my heart who would also fit into both of those categories perfectly?

This is my granmother, age five. Isn't she beautiful? She is a wonderful woman. She is a smart and talented artist and educator (among many other fabulous things).
Speaking of fabulous things, Hugs to you all! xox=vv.


sabinebrandt said...

Beautiful pic. I love it :-)

Thanks for the wonderful xmas card.

Take care. smile Sabine

Marianne said...

Thanks for sharing this photo - it's gorgeous! ;)

Erin Lang Norris said...

i love the way photos looked back then. i wish we could have ours look like that too.

Dawn said...

wow! she's absolutely beautiful! i love how the photos looked back then too. the ones now-a-days just don't have the same feeling, i think.

paola said...

That is SUCH a gorgeous photo. Have you seen Michelle Caplan's work? She would be able to do amazing things with it.